GREG Abbott is braced for a few rucks as City go about assembling their squad for the new season.

Abbott has retained his head of recruitment title at Valley Parade as part of the coaching team under Michael Collins.

But identifying targets remains a four-way process with Collins, assistant Martin Drury and chairman Edin Rahic.

The appointment of Robbie Bloodworth as the club’s full-time analyst adds another part to the process, which has so far seen eight new faces arrive at the club since the end of last season.

Abbott is happy to continue recruitment as a team effort – and insists there is no harm in the inevitable disagreements when names are being discussed.

He said: “I am sure we will have loads of rows and these two (Collins and Drury) love an argument, by the way.

“I think I am feisty, so I think it will take us about three days to agree on one player!”

Abbott may be the senior figure by far in the three-man coaching team put together by Rahic but Collins and Drury are willing to fight their corner.

And he believes the more heated debate and argument around the table can only lead to landing better personnel.

“They have got proper opinions and they are strong with me,” added Abbott. “I have had a couple of 'differences of opinion' already.

“That is great because if we get the right players in here, as we have all argued the case and I have put pros forward and they have put the cons and vice versa, we should get more right than we get wrong out of four people.

“We share the recruitment, good or bad, in terms of what we bring in and share the results.

“It is a team thing, on and off the pitch, in terms of finding the players and putting them into the team.

“If we lose, it will not all be on Michael's head, it will be down to us all. It’s a team effort.

“Recruitment will be down to us all and it is a question of 'can we bring the right players in'?"