Ahead of Bradford's home game against North Wales Crusaders tomorrow, Luke Hopkins spoke to Bulls centre Ashley Gibson and prop Steve Crossley as the leaders look to continue their winning ways.


Question: What's the reaction been to the win over Hemel?

Answer: The reaction has been good. It was a job well done by the squad, we were very professional on a small pitch that we're not used to playing on.

There were some errors we made in the game but we'll definitely be looking at those in the video sessions.

Q:How is the squad using this long period in between games?

A: We had the weekend off, which was nice. John said to take it off to clear our minds and not think about rugby league for a while. Time off is rare because of how close the games usually are in the season.

The week after the Hemel game was tough for us a team as we did a lot of strength and cardio training in the gym. We're all very recharged and ready for North Wales.

Q: What do you think are North Wales' strengths and weaknesses?

A: They're a very good team, even in the third tier. I don't understand it sometimes from people when they say that the third tier isn't a true reflection of rugby league's quality but then you see teams like us, Doncaster, York, Whitehaven and many others pushing themselves week in and week out to go out there and not only put on a good performance for their fans but get the win in an entertaining game.

In regards to North Wales, we know they're a strong team that recently won at Whitehaven so we'll be looking to expose their weaknesses.

Q: What do you want to achieve at Bradford?

A: I want to achieve what everyone here wants to achieve and that's winning the league and playing in the Championship next season.

One thing I've noticed that we've got already is a Championship level fanbase and this is shown by the number of people that watch us away from home and therefore turn it into a home game at times.

Good times are coming back to those fans that have suffered for so long.


Q: What do you think the biggest challenge has been over the season?

A:The biggest challenge has been going to teams that we're not used to and it's been a mental journey.

You take the game against Hemel, which was very stop start and gritty and also looking to slow the play down.

It's definitely a tactic that I could see they were using but in the end we forced our style onto them and won by a large margin.

Q: Where does the team's spirit come from?

A: It comes from a bit of everything really. One thing I have noticed is that we've got a very young side, maybe one of the youngest in rugby league, with a mix of experienced players that have been in the Championship and Super League that can help and advise the younger players coming through.

John's a very big factor because he's managed all over.

The homegrown talent is huge for us as well because they're playing for their childhood club. You just can't get that level of passion from anywhere else.

Q: Aside from winning all the remaining games, how can Bradford secure the title?

A: We've just got to keep doing what we're doing, not look ahead in anyway.

Every game provides a challenge and we've just got to focus on what we're doing. We're almost halfway through the season so we've got to continue what John and the coaching staff want us to do.