OUR highlight of the week was the fly-fishing open day at Inghey Bridge on the River Aire last weekend. The event was well supported by members and non-members, despite a wet and miserable day after an overwhelmingly dry last two months.

The one consolation was the addition of some fresh water into the rivers, with flash storms in the Earby area bringing a fair bit of water down Broughton Beck. However, all the Dales rivers are still very low, with flows slowed considerably by large quantities of ranunculus on the Aire, and we need some steady rain to flush the rivers through properly.

As the river-season opening day approaches, coarse fishing reports have been few and far between. At Shipton, Terry Duncalf managed a couple of carp from a short session at Shipton, while Oakworth produced catches of tench to worm fished on the lift in warm and sultry conditions. Elsewhere, fish have been spawning and the carp are about to do so.

Game anglers have been far more active in telling of their exploits, with two or three regular contributors reporting many smaller trout – though some to over 3lb – coming to the net from runs between the ranunculus and from deeper pools on the Wharfe and Ure. Local Wild Trout Trust expert Jon Grey said: “The real joy is the number of small fish coming through, which is the first effective cohort since we stopped stocking fish into the river, because the flooding at the end of 2015 pretty much wiped out fry production in the spawning streams."

Result of Morphet Cup for veterans last weekend at Staveley Lakes (only fished by only a small field in incessant rain) 1 John Stark (match secretary and holder) 10lb 8oz (chopped worm, caster and maggot fished at nine metres but large carp lost with five minutes left), 2 Peter Manning 7lb 8oz, 3 Sam Braithwaite 4lb 10oz, 4 Frank Weets 2lb 5oz. The next match is on Saturday, June 16 at Lower Dunsforth. Enquiries and entries to John Stark on 07793-558227.


Result of the RW Naylor Memorial committee match at Queen Mary's Ponds on Sunday: 1= John Sparks, Simon Freer 9lb 12oz (both caught two tench), 3 Ian Bradley 5lb (one tench), 4 Simon Foster's 4lb 12oz (one tench). Raskelf Lake will be closed on Sunday for an over-60s (veterans) match. Places are available from Simon on 01274- 571175, draw at the lake 9.30am. There are also tickets available from Simon for the first river match of the season on the River Nidd at Cowthorpe on Sunday, June 17.

The most notable catch from our waters over the last week was a monster 12lb tench caught by Bob Scaife from Knotford. Members fishing Queen Mary's Ponds should note that, due to improvements to the fence, there are now only two entrances to Black Heath Lake – one near the pheasant pens and one down the farm track. A big thank you to Dave, Martin, Simon and Sam for their hard work at the lake in all weathers over the last few months.


The local match fishing programme is now in full swing, with Tuesday evening and Sunday matches available from now until the end of August. On Sunday there is the first match in our Peter Hart Memorial Series of four matches at Whinnygill Reservoir, draw 8am, fishing 9am-noon. The first match in the Sunset Series of evening matches has already been fished, and they will run through until late August on a fortnightly basis, with draws initially at 6.15pm, with fishing of about 2½ hours.

Result of last Sunday's third match of the Skipton Summer League (on the swing bridge length of the canal at Bradley in fine, settled conditions. Catches reasonable, with plenty of smallish roach, the odd decent skimmer and a few perch): 1 Russell Heaton 850g, 2 Wayne Eason 730g, 3 Andy Wharton 620g, 4 Kenny Wright 390g, 5 Mark Bradley 190g, 6 Jason Aldis 170g. Leading league positions: 1 Russell Heaton 8pts, 2 Jason Aldis 10, 3 Wayne Eason 12, 4 Andrew Thomas 13, 5 Andy Wharton 16, 6 Simon Chenier 21. The next match will be on the coal- bunker length at West Marton on Sunday, June 17, draw 7am, fishing 8am-11am.

Fishing locally has benefitted from the warm and generally settled weather, with the just the odd isolated thunderstorm putting a bit of colour into the River Aire, where fly fishermen have enjoyed the best sport, with trout and grayling. Embsay and Whinnygill reservoirs are fishing well and will continue to improve as the water warms up.

The River Wharfe at Bolton Abbey produced a specimen grayling to a local member last weekend when fishing with the river banks swarming with people. The fish was not weighed accurately but was estimated to be about 1700g. Besides the grayling, the angler also landed a couple of brownies approaching 900g in the space of just over an hour.


There is a working party today at Hammerton Mill on the River Nidd, and assistance would be appreciated. There was work done at Knotford Lagoon last Saturday morning to remove bushes and overhanging branches. There have been some good catches from this water, including, unusually, a catfish. Result of the open match at Kippax Park last Saturday: 1 G Watson 93lb 2oz, 2 N Rymer 67lb 13oz, 3 A Barker 58lb 12oz. Result of the match at Moor Monkton Pools: 1 T Bainbridge 123lb 15oz, 2 D Pollit 87lb 14oz, 3 A Middleton 53lb 4oz. The first match of the river season is the Ham Match at Ulleskelf on the River Wharfe a week tomorrow. Bookings are being taken.


Result of the Wednesday match at Gilmores: 1 J Harrison 11lb 4oz, 2 D Jackson 9lb 13oz, 3 E Harrison 9lb 9oz, 4 G Kitchen (no weight given). Result of the open match on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal at Armley: 1 B Mason 5lb 4oz (including 4lb 8oz bream), 2 R Thorne 3lb 11oz, 3 J Mason 1lb 15oz, 4 E Harrison 1lb 3oz. Draw for Sunday's match at Armley is 10am. Contact 07815-721051 for further details. The next members' match is on the Ouse on Sunday, June 24. The first day of the coarse season on the rivers is a week tomorrow 16 when many of our members will be out again. Remember to close all gates and keep to footpaths.


With the settled weather, cod are showing up in great numbers on the east coast, and the first mackerel of the season have been caught, so things are looking good. Our members had a great time on their trip to Clair Island, but not as many fish were caught as expected because of the algae bloom in the water. Our next general meeting is on Tuesday, June 19 at the New Inn, East Bierley (8pm). New members are most welcome.


Result of our match at the Oaks (Cedar Lake) on Sunday, June 3: 1 R Lee 59lb, 2 C Davey 25lb 40z, 3 S Worley 20lb, 4 R Wharfe 16lb 12oz. Our next match is at Woodhouse Grange (Cobble Lake) on Sunday, June 17, meet at venue 8am, fishing 9am-3pm. Note: All meat baits banned at this venue.


Draw for Sunday's match at Coppice Pond is 2pm, fishing 3pm-8pm. For further details or to book on, contact Adi Newman ( 07783-332705).