WHAT has been called the richest amateur boxing show in Yorkshire's history was held at the Frame 2 Complex in Bradford.

Around 1,300 spectators, including Bradford MP Naz Shah and boxers Muhammad Ali, from Keighley, and Tasif Khan, turned up to watch the 13 bouts, which were accompanied by paraphernalia usually associated with larger professional venues.

In addition to a cinema screen at the Barkerend venue, there was also a smoke blower, disco lights a DJ and a ring walk for all of the competitors.

The evening also highlighted the progress made by the Girlington-based Lights Out Boxing Academy, who were represented by Anees Iqbal (76kg), Ahmed Raza (48kg), Luqman Siddique and Mobeen Hussain (30kg) and Hishaam de Luca (60kg).

Iqbal, who brought to the ring everything that he had worked on in practice, boxed like a professional, while Raza was likened to a young Floyd Mayweather in terms of his speed and smartness.

Siddique was up against a taller and more experienced opponent, but applied pressure throughout the three one-minute rounds, while the alert Hussain punched in clusters and dropped his opponent in the first round.

However, de Luca was the main Lights Out attraction in what was his first fight under his father's Inzy Iqbal's guidance.

He showed flashes of a young Roy Jones in dropping opponent Lewis Roberts in the first round and de Luca went on to be crowned the Lights Out Boxing Academy champion – a title that he will defend next year.

Money from the night will be donated to 1vision charity, whose volunteers help to feed the homeless in West Yorkshire every Friday night.