When the tour De France came through the patch some years ago, the images which resulted were more about the scenery than they were about cycling.  Even when the race is on home turf Le Tour produces images of cycling in a landscape as much as it does of cyclists.

With that in mind I thought I’d put together a list of places I would like to go if I had my pick of locations for this year's Tour De Yorkshire.

The race is in the Bradford district on two days this year, and as far as Friday goes there's only one place to be: at the Cow and Calf in Ilkley for Stage 2's big finish. This is a natural theatre with space for hundreds of people to see the finish of this event in a really stunning location. 

Stage 4, on Sunday May 6, is more open to interpretation so I've picked 11 places that should provide especially memorable shots. If only I had a freshly-painted Tardis to get to them all!

Check the interactive map below to plan your trip, or scroll further to read Mike's descriptions of each location.

1. Brow Road into Bridgehouse Lane, Haworth

This tight turn come at the bottom of a drop and would make a very fast right then left turn across the only crossing of the Keighley Worth Valley Railway.

TIP: This would make a fast blurry image as they turn in. Or try a long lens from the other side of the road as they turn hard across the bridge.  Shame getting the trains in the same shot is virtually impossible!

2. Haworth climb

Really this is a race about the Dales and the views of the county the race passes through. My first wishlist viewpoint is the main street in Haworth.  This cobbled section of hill is on the wish list of almost every cyclist as much as a good shot is on the list for every sports snapper.

The race will enter from the bottom and as the road narrows towards the top they will be funnelled into a mass before they pass the pub and the church at the top.

TIP: Don’t be too tempted to try to get the very front of the race. This is about locations and even shots from the bottom of the street can prove spectacular.

3. Goose Eye climb, Game Scar Lane

Trust me, this climb is brutal. It’s not long but the pace will get broken up as the corners come halfway up. It would make a good wide view as the riders snake up the road using every inch. The viewpoint being elevated from above the corner gives you a great view of the developing race.

4. Skipton High Street

Once the race reaches here it’ll be in top gear and on this straight - although it's not a sprint - they won’t hang about.

The church beyond and the war memorial at the roundabout on the end would frame the bikes as they turn toward Embsay. Either from the church or the roundabout, it’s fantastic framing.

5. Barden road zigzag

This is almost a nothing turn for these cyclists half way through a climb section toward the top of Barden Road, but this zig zag section would make a stunning shot from the hills above as the change in direction would bring all the colours of the race into a tight group.

TIP: Worth a long lens from above or below just get the zig and the zag in the middle!

6. Barden road summit

This is the finish of the climb - not that they’ll notice! But for those viewing, this is a fantastic chance to get the whole landscape of the area spread out behind the race. There is high ground above the finish and this vantage point would make the race just part of a larger landscape shot. Just don’t bother with your tripod: it could be really busy.

7. Burnsall village

The best shot for me is somehow missed by not crossing the bridge in the heart of the village. But no matter, as the view from above the settlement from Skuff Road might have the madness of the tour caravan helicopters and all framed above this sleepy Yorkshire village.

8. Park Rash climb

This ascent up Cam Gill Road is above Kettlewell and hugs the edge of the beck before pitching upwards into a steep and popular climb out into the Dales. This ascent should be popular and the view from the surrounding hills or from the roadside itself should be fantastic.

The tight switchbacks halfway up the road with the Dales framed behind would make a wide shot - or try something featuring the pain of the hill from the roadside.

9. River Skell crossing

I can’t find the name of this road but this is a stunning remote location for a river crossing. This drop into a switchback isn’t much in cycling terms and it won’t decide the race but as a location this might be the one I’d most like to go to. Expect a walk in due to the closure and take a flask.

This shot from the hill across from the road should capture the race as a ribbon of colour through the green hill of Yorkshire.

10. Greenhow Hill

If the last location was all about remote, then this one has a fantastic benefit. The climb out of Patley Bridge is another hilltop summit surrounded by the green patchwork of Yorkshire hills.  The difference here is the Toft Barn Café whose cake slices are almost as big as the hill itself!

11. East Chevin Road

This climb marks the exit from Otley as the race heads towards Leeds.  This climb was very popular last time with spectators as it’s easy to reach, just don’t expect the cyclists to slow down. Shoot low and wide back down the road.