A VAST majority of clubs in the Spenser Wilson Halifax League have notified the league that their grounds are good enough to start the season on Saturday.

Member clubs had until Tuesday night to state whether their grounds would be unfit, and the league's media officer Paul Whiteley said: "Ninety per cent of them said that they would be okay.

"The only ones that didn't were the ones next to a river, but if all of the matches start on Saturday then that will be vindication of the league's decision not to postpone matches."

However, the Dales Council League, the Bradford Mutual Sunday School League and the Bradford & District Evening League have all called off their opening fixtures due to the extremely wet spring.

Dales Council League secretary Ron Mackenzie said in a statement: "There has been very little chance for groundworks to proceed.

"It has been decided, initially, to postpone all fixtures for this weekend in the hope the weather will improve and the groundsmen can try to catch up with their pre-season work uninterrupted by cricketers.

"Hopefully most of those cricketers will turn up at their home ground and give the groundstaff a hand in getting pitches and outfields ready for the rest of the season.

"A number of clubs would have difficulty in playing on a Sunday during the season because their players play elsewhere on that day, and the new football season will be underway by September which could affect teams using parks or school pitches, so the executive (committee) will be considering the fairest way to try to rearrange a date for these fixtures.

"Their decision will be communicated as soon as possible."

The Mutual Sunday School League held a meeting on Tuesday night at Clayton ARLFC to discuss the state of their grounds, and league chairman Nick Spachis said: "There are a number of clubs that have been unable to carry out any work due to the incredible weather.

"My club's ground at Cambing is not fit for example, and if we were to get a roller out we could destroy the square."

The league decided to re-arrnage this weekend's game for Saturday, September 22, although it was pointed out that some grounds may not be available due to football and that umpire numbers may well be down.

It was suggested that the matches on that date might be reduced to a Twenty20.

Phil Poole Snr, secretary of the Evening League also issued a statement: "In line with the decision already taken by a number of other leagues, it has been decided to delay the start of the Evening League season by a week due to the poor ground conditions following the recent poor/wet weather.

"The league season will now therefore be extended by a week and games due to be played on Wednesday, April 25 will now be played on Wednesday, August 1.

"While some grounds may be ready, other clubs have been unable to carry out the required preparation on their grounds.

"Therefore, in the interests of fairness and to prevent avoidable damage being caused to grounds while they are in such a saturated state, the decision has been made to delay the start of the season."