SIMON Grayson is firmly behind Greg Abbott’s fight to beat prostate cancer.

City’s head of recruitment underwent surgery yesterday and has begun a period of convalescence away from the club.

Manager Grayson is confident Abbott will pull through and revealed he has already done a lot of the groundwork towards the club’s summer plans.

He said this afternoon: “We wish Greg all the best. He had the operation yesterday and I’m sure everything will be fine and he will come through.

“I’ve got a lot of close friends who have had the illness as well. It’s obviously been spotted quite early which is the main thing for his health in the future.

“Greg, as he is, will want to be back to work tomorrow. He is a fighter.”

Abbott’s long-term future will be discussed with chairman Edin Rahic when he is fit enough to return to Valley Parade. But recruitment preparations are well underway.

Grayson added: “We’ve done a lot of work already because we’ve known for a couple of weeks that he was going in this weekend for the operation.

“We’re ahead of where we need to be in terms of recruitment. But with the longer term, it’s something we’ll talk about further down the line.

“You’re always looking at players and planning pre-season preparation games and Greg has played a big part of that in the last few weeks.

“Nothing will change in that respect. First and foremost, comes his health and wellbeing.

“Longer term, I’m sure Greg, Edin and myself will sit down and see what he wants to do.”