Ahead of Bradford Bulls' hosting Coventry Bears tomorrow, Luke Hopkins spoke to Bulls' prop George Milton.

After the first league loss last weekend to Workington, what's the response been from the team?

"Everyone was extremely disappointed and frustrated.

"We knew we had underperformed and we all sat down and reviewed it. We were honest with each other and I think we'll improve because of that."

How do you think the team will improve?

"Well, we've only had one training session since the game but I feel like we're going to improve both on and off the pitch due to us having an honest review session.

"We all put our hands up and were just honest with each other, not only as players but as men.

"Because of this we all know that we're going to improve as a team."

Did you expect the first loss to come so soon in the season?

"No-one thought it would come this soon.

"You've got to give props to Workington though. They've got good players. However, it was a bad day at the office for us."

Do you think the team gets carried away thinking about promotion?

"No we don't get carried away, that's for sure. John makes sure of that.

"He writes down the fixtures up on a whiteboard. We have to stay focused and get back to what we were doing, which was winning games."

Since being at Bradford, how do you feel you have improved as a player?

"I had an operation during pre-season but since I've come to Bulls, I feel that they've helped me gain confidence on and off the pitch. John has taught a lot, in all aspects of the game.

"Even the little things like how to mentally prepare for a game have massively helped."

Do you think the senior players help the young players adapt to first-team rugby?

"They definitely do that's for sure.

"It's a very friendly environment and if anyone wants to learn any tips or tricks, all they have to do is ask."

What's your goal at Bradford?

"I want to help this club get back to where they once were.

"I think I've cemented a spot in the team and hopefully I can get consistent game team in order to put a marker down as being the best player in my position in the league.

"That's on an individual level. As a team, we're going to play at our best to win game by game and return to where Bradford belongs."