KAI Bruenker could be in line for his first start in England as part of Simon Grayson’s City shake-up.

The big German was one of only a few players to escape the manager’s blast after the Blackpool collapse.

And his efforts as a second-half substitute on Saturday – Bruenker’s fourth appearance off the bench - could earn him the nod for tonight’s home clash with Shrewsbury.

Grayson said: “Kai’s come in with a breath of fresh air. In the games he’s been involved with myself and the training sessions, you just see a lad who’s loving an opportunity to be at a professional club in England.

“He’s raw and has a lot to learn, without a shadow of a doubt. But one thing he will do is run around, chase things and put his body on the line.

“At this moment, that’s all you can ask of any player. Hopefully we’ve got 11 warriors who will go out and produce a performance like that for everybody.

“He is one who is always out late practising after training. It’s a fantastic opportunity for him and he doesn’t want to give that up.

“Yes, he’s got certain limitations but he is willing to try and learn to get better.

“Players are picked a lot of the time on what you see them doing in training and the attitude they’ve got. He’s not going to give up this fantastic opportunity to make a living at Bradford City in English football.”

Whoever is picked, Stephen Warnock accepts they must get Blackpool straight out the system or risk the home fans getting on their backs again.

The veteran defender said: “It’s massively important we get the crowd behind us and we’ll try everything in our power to make sure nothing like Saturday happens again.

“The more positive they can be, the more they help us. The crowd has a massive part to play.

“You only have to look at European games in the last couple of weeks to see that.

“If we can get them behind us in the first five minutes by working as hard as we can with tackles, headers and shots, hopefully it will give the lads the confidence.”

Warnock felt Grayson was right to rip into the team after their heaviest defeat of the season.

“There is a lot of anger and rightly so. It does hurt.

“Sometimes it’s very difficult to sort out on the pitch there and then. You need to take a backward step and think about your own performance.

“Then you can come in and bounce your ideas off the others and the management and that’s what needed to happen.

“It’s been a very long week already but hopefully we’ve said what needed saying.

“We’ve got to take inspiration from Shrewsbury. They’ve probably got one of the lower budgets in the league and lower-profile squads but application and team spirit has got them to where they are.”