FRANKIE Wainman Jnr Jr continued his family dynasty by winning his first BriSCA F1 final.

The 18-year-old son of Silsden’s BriSCA F1 superstar Frankie Wainman Jnr, won at Belle Vue, Manchester, on Easter Monday, while his sister Phoebe Wainman finished on the podium in third place, just three weeks into her first full season in the sport.

The Wainmans left their Silsden home in snow, and conditions at Belle Vue were atrocious, with heavy rain turning the shale track into a quagmire, but Wainman Jnr Jr adapted to the conditions best of all to be the only driver to finish on the lead lap by the chequered flag.

“The conditions were horrible,” said Wainman Jnr Jr. While trying to harness a 700bhp-powered F1 stock car though a mudbath was difficult enough, the youngster also had to deal with faulty goggles and had to discard them from the first lap onwards.

With all the cars turning into the same shade of brown soon after the start, Wainman Jnr Jr was in seventh after a race stoppage at halfway, immediately behind his father and sister Phoebe in fifth.

Leader Lee Fairhurst pulled off soon after the restart and it wasn’t long before Wainman Jnr had taken the lead from his son.

Into the closing stages leader Wainman Jnr went around the outside of a parked car, while his son took the inside line and took the lead.

“I managed to beat him down the next straight and I was leading the final,” said Wainman Jnr Jr. “I was well happy.

“My rear mirror was full of shale so I couldn’t see, but I thought my dad must be right behind me.

“But then I came round again and passed him because his car had broken down. So I was wondering who was behind me.”

Sister Phoebe finished third out of the five cars that finished.

Wainman Jnr Jr made his debut in BriSCA F1 at the end of 2015 when he had turned 16.

While the BriSCA F1 season continues at Mildenhall this weekend, Wainman Jnr Jr is taking some well-earned time off and will be back in action later in the month.