EDIN Rahic has revealed how upset he was by a spoof internet video depicting him as "Hitler".

Speaking during last night's fans forum at Valley Parade, the City chairman admitted the amount of stick he has received has taken him by surprise.

But he felt that the internet film – and abuse directed towards his family – had gone too far.

Rahic admitted he expected a lot of criticism over the decision to sack Stuart McCall but he was shocked that it descended into personal abuse.

He told supporters in the Hendrie Suite: "We have learned we should communicate much more often and directly with the fans.

"We are in a foreign country and have to accept people have the right to abuse you however they want.

"They can have video clips with Hitler and my name on it and abuse my son. That was totally over the boundaries.

"The abuse is fine but I heard from a lot of German friends and sponsors and they thought it was a disgrace.

"If you show video clips of Hitler in Germany, the next day you are in jail. But here you can do anything."

Rahic said axing McCall was the "toughest decision of his business career".

It was not just based on the six-game losing run in January. City's record in knock-out competitions in McCall's reign was a key factor for the owners and missing out on potential cup revenue.

Rahic said: "We lost eight out of 11 knock-out games and we didn't believe any more Stuart could win the big games.

"He is a legend but we have to judge Stuart McCall as a manager. It would have been much easier not to make this decision but I have done it."