OTLEY Rugby Union Football Club are at a crossroads - not just regarding which direction they will take in the near future, but for their very existence.

At a mid-season information meeting in their clubhouse on Tuesday night, members were told of the exciting possibilities that lie ahead if the east of Otley relief road comes to pass.

However, although that night happen sooner rather than later, the club have to get to that juncture first in the best possible shape - and Otley RUFC are not in good shape.

President David Somers said: "The essence is that we haven't got enough people to run this rugby club.

"The RFU have a list of golden jobs that they recommend to run a successful rugby club - 41 of them, and we have only got ten of those positions filled."

It emerged during the meeting that the club had no treasurer, secretary, qualified book-keeper or chairman (Nick Girling announced during the meeting that he was standing down from the latter position as from yesterday), and many of those 31 unfulfilled positions are fundamental ones rather than peripheral ones.

Somers, in seeking volunteers but addressing what was mainly an elderly audience, added: "This is about the lost generation - people who played for the club in then 1980s, 1990s and early noughties who are no longer involved with the club.

"We should have an events manager, a club volunteer co-ordinator, a communications manager, a marketing and sponsorship manager, a fund-raising manager etc.

"Someone should be in charge of the pre-match luncheons, there should be a grounds chairman, a facilities manager, a programme editor, a bar chairman, a gate team, a duty officer.

"I am in my fourth year as president and don't intend to carry on for much longer.

"Nick Girling has been a victim of burn-out, and I could go the same way.

"It is time for the golden generation to step forward and run the club."

Girling added: "We are at a crossroads. We are at a critical turning point.

"We don't have enough people with the right skills to run the club effectively - whether we are at Cross Green or a new location.

"Last week I spent 16 hours working on behalf of Otley Rugby Club, and David is the same,working eight to ten hours a week, not including match-days.

"But I also have a full-time job and a wife and a 14-year-old daughter and a 16-year-old son who will both soon be going to university and they rightly demand more of my time."

Anyone who is interested in helping Otley RUFC in whatever capacity is asked to contact Nick Girling at nickgirlingassociates.com.