STUART McCall intends to be the man to drag City out of the mire after vowing to carry on.

A sixth successive loss and fifth in League One has added to the pressure on the Valley Parade legend.

McCall admitted before Saturday's 2-1 defeat at Oldham that his job will be under threat if the Bantams cannot stop the collapse.

But nearly eight years on from quitting the City helm to end his first reign, he has no plans to follow suit.

McCall said: "If I was going to walk away, I would have done that in the first two weeks when I got here. I'm not going to walk away now, that's for sure.

"When I left before, it was the right time to go. There was no doubt about that. But I still believe there's enough in that dressing room.

"January has been horrendous for a lot of different reasons – on the pitch, which is obviously the main bit, with the results but there have been lots of things that have been difficult. It's been a struggle.

"We wanted to come out and lift it going into February with a victory and we've not done that. But watching the players and listening to them in the dressing room, I don't think they are a beaten team."

City are clinging on in the top six after Charlton collapsed to two late goals at home to Oxford.

But another defeat against a team in the bottom four – and Oldham had not won since December 9 – will further test the patience of owners Edin Rahic and Stefan Rupp.

McCall is still confident he retains the backing of his squad and remains convinced they possess the fight needed to pull out of this shocking run.

He gave first starts to Ryan McGowan, Stephen Warnock and Matty Lund, who went off injured, while Colin Doyle and Tony McMahon both returned.

The team's reaction to Saturday's latest setback rekindled the belief that City will stop the rot against Bury at Valley Parade next weekend – a match McCall has billed as "must, must, must" win.

He said: "I've been in dressing rooms when there's been a lot of finger-pointing or you can feel that they've downed tools.

"But there were strong words in a good way after Saturday's game – a realisation that nobody else can change this on the park but the players. Nobody was moaning or digging each other out.

"After the second goal in the Rotherham game, they looked like a team that maybe thought it was all over.

"But this dressing room didn't feel like that. Even though the blunt truth is that we're on a shocking run and we've lost again.

"The players are as gutted as the supporters – there are a lot of conscientious players in there.

"If anyone had seen how they were afterwards, that was a sign they are battling for themselves, for the fans and for their families.

"It would be wrong to say the lads haven't given everything. I'm sure they are hurting as much as we all are.

"We're on a terrible run and there's no getting away from that. But the reaction in the dressing room tells me there is enough in there to turn it round and win over 50 per cent of the games, which is what we need to do."