ENDING up on the wrong end of an FA Cup shock at Yeovil was not the best way to mark his new contract.

Not that best mate Alex Iwobi fared any better as holders Arsenal were sent crashing by Nottingham Forest.

But, Saturday aside, life is currently very good for Tyrell Robinson.

The City tyro has emerged as the find of the season at Valley Parade – and a trailblazer for the development system that owners Edin Rahic and Stefan Rupp have trumpeted since their arrival.

A longer-term deal and a regular place in Stuart McCall's squad are the reward for the hard work that Robinson has put in since leaving Arsenal.

Yet the uncertainty that followed after moving on from his boyhood club will act as a constant reminder not to rest on his laurels.

Robinson said: "Coming out of Arsenal, a lot of people think you'll just jump into another side. But it's a very difficult pathway and you have to stick at it.

"I had a lot of help from family and friends telling me to keep my head up and stay strong.

"It knocked me down a lot when I left Arsenal. I did start to think I'll have to look for a job if I couldn't make it in football.

"Before I came to Bradford, I went to five or six different clubs on trial and nothing worked out. I don't want to be back in that situation.

"It was great to get another chance but I know I've got to keep going. I can't take anything for granted.

"I'll keep on training the same way as if I only had a one-year contract. Otherwise you can get too comfortable and things start going downhill – that's something I don't want to happen."

Iwobi, who grew up with Robinson in South Ockendon just off the M25, has gone on to make the breakthrough for Arsene Wenger's side.

Others from his age group are now trying their luck elsewhere but some remain on the Arsenal periphery hoping for that elusive opportunity.

Robinson said: "There are a few boys that are on loan in League One.

"Stephy Mavididi was at Preston but he's just gone back to Charlton. George Dobson has come back from Holland to join Walsall and Marc Bola is at Bristol Rovers.

"But some of the others are still playing (under) 23s at Arsenal and that must be hard.

"Hands down, I'd pick where I am now if I had the choice. Men's football is twice as difficult.

"At Arsenal, I played for the 23s for four years in a row and now I need to step up to another level.

"There might be times in the 23s when you play against Liverpool or someone and they'll have a couple of first-team players coming back from injury.

"But it's nothing like playing with men week in, week out – it's a whole different ball game.

"It's always been my dream since I was very young to play senior football. Now I'm waking up every morning, feeling over the moon that I've got that chance."

He is also getting used to feeling the bumps and bruises. It is not just his own club paying close attention to the 20-year-old's progress. More exposure means more opportunities for opponents to leave their own mark of "appreciation".

Robinson's speed and attacking style inevitably opens him up as a target for more agricultural ways of stopping him.

He laughed: "I've been caught a few times now by the defender. But it does boost your confidence to keep getting at them. If he kicks me even more, you know what happens next!"

With his immediate future on the field secured, Robinson is looking to put down more permanent roots off it. He has plans to move into his own base in the city – but for now he happily shares with Omari Patrick and Callum Gunner.

All three joined City at the same time in May and Patrick was also handed a new deal earlier in the season. Midfielder Gunner is recovering from a long-term injury but has at least begun running again.

"We try to push each other and share things," said Robinson, although that does not usually extend to cooking duties. "We're pushing Callum now because we want to see if he can get another contract."