SALEM Athletic and Cambing have resigned from the Bradford & District Evening League.

Following the withdrawal of Mayfield four weeks into the 2017 season, this means that three clubs have now pulled out.

However, Muff Field have been accepted, while Ingrow and Oxenhope have entered on the basis that they will host alternate matches.

Cambing wanted to enter but have no-one to run their team, while Northowram Fields and Clayton may decide to enter in 2019.

The likely upshot from all this is that no teams will be relegated from Division One.

League secretary Phil Poole Snr said in his annual report: "My first year was taxing but this year has been challenging.

"We lost two umpires and lost another five weeks into the season (Bradshaw's) and didn't get replacements.

"We need to look at spare umpires and can ill afford to lose umpires due to ill discipline on the field."

Treasurer Smita Lymbery reported a profit of £171.64, while Great Horton Park Chapel won a vote 7-3 over Karmand Centre to stage the Evening League finals day on Monday, August 27.

A move to have a 30-yard fielding circle on finals day was defeated 7-5, while Steve Tinsley was elected as a league vice-president