EDIN Rahic today stressed that City will not jeopardise their long-term ideals by throwing over-the-top deals at players.

The Bantams are set to lose most of their out-of-contract players to bigger offers elsewhere.

Scunthorpe target Rory McArdle is understood to be considering a three-year deal that could work out around double what he was on previously at Valley Parade.

Rahic has revealed that City have offered the likes of McArdle, Mark Marshall and Tony McMahon more money to stay.

Yet they are not prepared to break the wage structure and risk all for a one-off promotion charge next season.

Speaking exclusively to the T&A, Rahic said: "We offered everyone an increase, but in our realistic view, and won't compare ourselves to the others.

"We will lose some, that's normal. But for us it's a long-term plan. Otherwise the next season we have no resources and it's crazy.

"We are not here for a one-year fight with the other clubs. We want to build a team that can play two or three years together."

With Billy Clarke’s move to Charlton confirmed yesterday, the raft of expected departures has worried fans who see the play-off final side being dismantled.

But Rahic repeated his call for calm and made it clear the club know what they are doing.

He said: "There is a chance next season to be in the mix. We want to have a competitive team. There's nothing to say we are just going to play with only young players and hope – no, we have a plan.

"Nobody can tell us whether we will be in the mix or not. Millwall achieved a play-off place in the last seconds against Bristol (Rovers) and now they are in the Championship.

"We want to see a development here. We've seen it with Charlie Wyke and Alex Jones, we have a proper team now, Nathaniel Knight-Percival, Romain Vincelot; we can build on the last season.

"We're not just thinking short term. We wanted to avoid that from the beginning and we don't want to start now."

City have been criticised for leaving contract talks until the end of the season, allowing other clubs time to make their move.

But Rahic said: "Because of the success we've had, it's easy for the fans to ask why didn't we sign (James) Meredith and Marshy in the winter. But they didn't want to sign a contract.

"It's easy because they've seen we're on a good run, so why should they sign?

"We have two options then. Let's wait until the summer or we do it then – but if we'd signed Marshy, we'd have to discuss seven other contracts because players speak to each other.

"If you'd offer to double or triple (wages), they would sign straight away, but we're not in a rush. We want to do it properly from our point of view.

"We were made aware that in January one club made seven players available. Five of them had been signed just six months earlier.

"We have to take care of business. If you want to be successful long term, you have to work properly with your financial budget step by step.

"It was a very successful season to reach the Wembley final. Expectations are that high now.

"It wasn't our aim for promotion straight away and we must calm down now. The worst thing is to rush into a situation that doesn't make sense."