LEIGH Bromby has retuned to Liversedge in a surprising new role and is looking to steer the club to a brighter future.

Bromby is the most high-profile Sedge old boy, having left Clayborn to sign for Sheffield Wednesday.

He went on to play for Leeds United, Watford and Sheffield United and is currently Huddersfield Town under-18s' professional development coach.

Bromby will be combining his job with the Terriers with the role of chairman of the Clayborn outfit.

Former chairman Steve Newton stepped aside at the end of last season but vowed to stay on the committee and bring in some new members. Bromby and Danny Cooper, another former player, came forward.

Cooper said: “Leigh coming in is a massive boost for the club and he’s the perfect candidate for his new role as we look to raise the profile and media activity of Liversedge.

“I think the old committee expected Leigh to just come and be a figurehead but he’s been hands-on. He’s been doing a lot of things that weren’t expected of him and doing a lot to involve more people.

“He’s obviously got some very good contacts in the game and has businesses locally, so he knows the business community and he’s using that knowledge for the good of the club.

“We are keen to get stronger links with the media outlets and get more information about the club out to them.

"It’s an age of digital and social media with a craving for instant information, and we want to embrace that.

“It’s not going to be easy, I don’t even know how it all works myself, but we’re all learning as we go along and we will improve things.”

Cooper, like Bromby, is more than happy to do whatever it takes to bring a fresh energy to Clayborn and is looking forward to the challenge. Getting involved again has lifted his own spirits.

He said: “I played here for a lot of years in two spells and they were good days.

"I joined just after Leigh moved into the professional game, so we were never team-mates, but you come down and see friends and familiar faces and it makes you smile.

“There is a lot going on, Leigh is up at Huddersfield Town and he’s got a team from there to come down and give us a game, so that should be a big night for us.

"He is also working on doing the same with Bradford City, Sheffield United and Leeds United, so we hope that works out.”

The Terriers will be sending a Huddersfield Town XI to face Liversedge on Tuesday, August 25.