City insist there is no issue with the £50,000 they owe the Bermudian club that developed Nahki Wells.

Western Stars Sports Club are still waiting for an 83,000 dollar development pay-out as part of the striker’s move to Huddersfield in January.

Wells played for Dandy Town, who fall under the auspices of Western Stars, before heading for England through the RIASA programme.

Valley Parade director of operations David Baldwin confirmed that City have tried to contact Bermuda – but cannot forward the money until they receive a bill.

Baldwin said: “They haven’t sent us an invoice yet. How can we generate the payment when we haven’t got a bill?

“Any international payments have to go through the Football Association’s clearing house first.

“Our accounts department have made contact with the FA and attempted to get in touch with Dandy Town. But until we get sent the invoice from Bermuda, we cannot send any money.”

Wells, who set up four of Huddersfield’s five goals against Barnsley on Saturday, said: “If anyone deserves it, Dandy Town do.

“I spent 20 years at that club, so I have to believe they deserve some sort of credit and financial stability.

“Hopefully it is used well and helps a lot of people back home. It is a large amount of money and, if used wisely, it can help the club massively.”