Thackley are on the lookout for a new club secretary as Mick Lodge enters his last few months in the role.

Lodge has enjoyed his time as a volunteer with his local club and will still be on hand to help out but he will not be dedicating so much time to the Dennyboys.

He said: “It has not come out of the blue. I told them at the annual meeting that I would be stepping down, so the club has had a year to find someone to take over.

“I think that the club is just raising the issue to make people aware that they want someone to take over. It isn’t a matter of urgency but it is currently unresolved.”

Thackley have been well served in the role down the years.

Stewart Willingham did the job from the 1970s through to this millennium, and there have only been two incumbents since.

Lodge would like to take his place alongside Willingham on the terraces and watch Thackley’s games for a change.

“It’s rewarding but time consuming and there is always something to do, even when the matches are being played.

“One person has enquired about it since the club put something on the Northern Counties East League website about me finishing at the end of this season.

"A lady has come forward, and she is involved with the club as her son plays for one of our junior sides.

“There was someone else who was going to take over after me but I think he has changed his mind, so the club would welcome interest from people.

"Even if they have never done it before, there are plenty of old hands at the club who can see the new person right until they get to grips with it.”