Hanson”, “Nahki Wells”, “Hanson”, “no, Nahki Wells” ... the debate then descends into giggles as brother and sister agree to disagree.

It is one of the most engaging moments of the film that captures the emotions of the fans on the day Bradford City went back to Wembley.

The 14-minute homage to the fans and their special day in May is unique. The idea of collecting clips from mobile phones and threading them all together shouldn’t really work as well as it does.

In fact, We Made History The Fans is such a compelling watch, you wonder why nobody has ever thought of doing it before.

City fan and local musician David Novakowski had the idea while attempting to watch grainy coverage of the Capital One Cup final on his laptop on tour in America.

He never imagined it would take off in such a way, with over 1,000 clips winging his way for consideration. The finished product hit the big screen at the Bradford Media Museum this week.

All aspects of the play-off final day are covered; the nervous excitement on the way in the car or on the tube; the well-oiled singing in the bars; the raw celebrations in the Wembley stands as the goals keep going in.

There are clips of the players cavorting on the pitch and then dancing on the team coach home. They were supplied by James Meredith, who was one of the special guests at Monday’s debut screening.

Garry Thompson, whose dancing in the aisle of the bus might not earn him a Strictly call just yet, was sat alongside him in the Cubby Broccoli theatre – and glued to the memories that were unfolding.

Fans, players, film-makers alike; there is something in this film for everyone with a common love for their football club.

The occasional shaky quality of the picture just adds to its immediacy. Watching it again, you feel you are back there in the precise moment.

We Made History The Fans shows twice more on December 21 and Boxing Day. The film is playing alongside Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life – a pairing that fits as well as Wells and Hanson. Or should that be Hanson and Wells ...