SIR - Look North (July 7) once again portrayed Bradford as the backside of the Earth.

Imagine being an external investor looking in, hard enough having pals who escaped years ago to the outskirts. We had the apologist academic who blamed “deindustrialisation” as if it only affected a segment of Bradford; did Sheffield riot when the steel mills started closing?

The woman who claimed Oak Lane was no different - “Where’s all the money gone?” she asked. Well it is different because there is a BMW dealership missing for one and who burnt it down?

As for the money, inner city areas have had millions poured into them whilst outlying areas have been ignored, driven by politics. The hopeless Cllr Hinchcliffe, as with her predecessors, is propped up by the block vote so spouted the usual rubbish. Her type of politician is simply too cowardly to confront real issues.

Perhaps the only honest comment came from the businessman who made the point that customers had deserted local businesses in droves, making the only losers those who were actually rioting. Spending has flooded out of Bradford.

There are many other districts of Bradford that Look North would do well to actually visit; but that would require effort and imagination.

Steve Wilson, Lenton Villas, Bradford