SIR - I refer to your article dated June 24 - £20m Bid For Centre.

When the swimming pools “strategy” was announced several years ago there were no surprises as to the areas of Bradford favoured and those marginalised by the announcement. Funding was not an issue it was claimed as the proceeds from the sale of the Richard Dunn site would more than cover the grand plan - all was well! Wind forward and nothing has happened with what is clearly a prime site whilst the new Sedbergh facility is now open serving South Bradford. Bowling Pool has had a fortune spent on it whereas the futures of Bingley and Queensbury remain in the hands of local people.

A few weeks ago the Government invited local authorities to bid for its Levelling Up Fund only for Cllr Hinchcliffe to wail it was so unfair, just give us the money! Now she has a plan! Squire Lane, supposedly a £10m new pool, never happened. Now it could be reborn as a £20m facility to fit in with the fund - how very convenient.

This council are not fit to run a tombola stall and consistently ignore large parts of the district for political purposes only.

City of Culture? You must be joking.

Steve Wilson, Lenton Villas, Bradford