SIR - The preferred plan for Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR), as announced by Bradford Council, is for there to be a Bradford stop on the site of St James' Market, with a predicted opening in 2030 (T&A, June 7).

Why on earth is the Council therefore ploughing ahead with a £13.2m scheme to improve Bradford Interchange, let alone several more millions on Forster Square Station?

Surely common sense would suggest that spending "our" money on a project with such a short timespan is an utter nonsense.

Joined up thinking seems to be going by the board here, and is yet another example of what an inept Council and Executive we have running the city's affairs.

What is really needed is one central station on a through line, and definitely not a NPR station that is not actually in the city centre at all.

Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon