SIR - I am sorry to learn that Armed Forces Day was considered a poor effort (T&A letters, July 4).

The truth is that Armed Forces Day is a poor effort and should be stopped altogether. It was introduced to try to create interest in our Armed Forces. It is actually a recruitment drive to try to encourage young children to think about a future in the Armed Forces. Where is the morality of allowing children to play with guns? Do we not have enough gun crime as it is? Do we want this country to become like America where gun crime is so prevalent?

Guns are for killing. Some would say that their use is actually murder. We are encouraging the settling of any dispute by the use of force or war. Force just generates more force, more anger, more bitterness.The only sustainable solution to differences is dialogue, negotiation.

More jaw, jaw not war, war, (Churchill). Let’s end Armed Forces Day and introduce Living Together in Peace Day.

Dr Christopher Butler, Dock Lane, Shipley