SIR - Joseph 'Sepp' Blatter was replaced by Gianni Infantino as President of FIFA, but did anything much change?

The ongoing World Cup in Russia and the next event in Qatar in 2022, were announced a few years back, to accusations of backstairs' wheeling and dealing. The Qatar World Cup will not even be able to be held in the summer because of dangerously hot temperatures and it looks as if it will be the first ever winter competition. This will no doubt cause major disruption to some countries' national league and cup competitions. Then there are the humans right issues regarding the building of stadia in Qatar.

Now the 2026 World Cup has been awarded to North America, including the USA and Canada. And this, with accusations of President Trump bullying to persuade other countries to change their votes. Morocco, was the other main possible choice. Thus, money (FIFA will make much more in the USA), politics and manoeuvring seem to have won out once again. Now, the rumour is that China are likely to be the next big candidate, playing the FIFA 'game' (not football!) in order to stage the 2030 World Cup.

David Hornsby, West View Avenue, Wrose