SIR - Having lived in the Shipley Constituency all my life, I note that since the Second World War we have had some excellent MPs - Arthur Creech Jones (Secretary of State for The Colonies in Clement Attlee's administration), Geoffrey Hirst, Marcus Fox and Chris Leslie.

Now, sadly, we are lumbered with Philip Davies - at least until the next general election.

To my eternal shame I have voted for him in the recent past and after the EU Referendum in 2016.

I wrote to him, a conciliatory letter, expressing my concerns about Brexit. I received a reply which was arrogant, rude and insulting.

Shipley deserves far better. Let us hope and pray that we will soon see the back of him and also the current Government which must rank as one of the worst in modern history.

J Fearnely, Manorfields, Littlelands, Bingley