SIR - Has Bradford council lost its collective mind? The last thing Bradford need is another shopping centre. Build houses on the Odsal site, not businesses.

What about existing retail developments such as The Broadway or Foster Square retail park? Businesses will lose out, and it will probably be the death knell for the city centre which seems to be in its final death throes as it is.

There will be an increase in traffic polluction, and where will all the extra traffic go? It's bad enough on weekdays trying to get in and out of the city, I live just off of Cemetery Road and on weekends you can't move for shoppers.

I think all the council can see is money, money, money, from the sale of the land and potential business rates. There's a finite amount of retail shoppers out there and a significant number buy online. The proposed use for the Richard Dunn site will end up costing the council in increased road repairs and overstretched utilities.

My guess is that long term the current retail sites in the city centre will struggle. Any rates gained from the Richard Dunn site will be at the cost of rates losses from the city centre.

Ian Lee, 19 Rosetta Drive, Bradford