SIR - Self-styled, long-term "Leave" campaigner Alan Chapman gives a typically arrogant assessment of Brexit, ("Leave campaign can expect betrayal", T&A letters, June 9).

Betrayal! Betrayal? What's to "betray"?

It is ironic - or rather hypocritical - that Leavers purport to want to "reclaim sovereignty", (ostensibly for Parliament), yet they are deliriously happy to hand sovereignty over to the 37 per cent of voters who voted for Brexit.

I don't accept, in our multi-party system that we have a representative Parliament. However, MPs are supposed to represent the whole population and it is they who should be taking decisions.

Betrayal? The whole country has been betrayed by the Tories handing power over to the 37 per cent.

John Hall, Pennithorne Avenue, Baildon