SIR - I know this is a controversial issue and we are doing everything in our power to bring this abhorrent trade to world attention.

The dog and cat meat trade is widespread in China and Asia with over 30 million cats and dogs slaughtered in the most unimaginable ways possible.

Because they believe that pain, fear and suffering "tenderises" the meat, these animals are boiled, skinned, roasted and blow-torched alive, often after having their limbs severed to prevent escape.

This is a daily event, not just at Yulin festival which initiated in 2009.

The utter carnage is the stuff of nightmares and many South Asians oppose this barbaric trade. I believe we, in the West should support the anti-DCMT in these countries and give voice to our revulsion.

We have to blow the "this is their culture" argument out of the window. We have campaigned tirelessly on this issue and are currently urging the USA to bring House Resolution 401 to the floor.

Susan Lister, Carr Road, Calverley