SIR - Joni Mitchell sang of “the hissing of summer lawns”, the sound of the lawn sprinklers, her experience of sunny days in California. Idyllic? Contrast inner city Undercliffe and many areas of Bradford where, the moment the sun comes out giving an opportunity to sit in the garden and enjoy it (assuming one hasn’t concreted over it!), all one can hear is the roar of trials bikes, quad bikes and assorted doctored automobiles, usually fitted with throaty exhausts that make a Trabant sound like a Grand Prix car.

Futile vanity, pointless arrogance, going nowhere, just cruising round the streets at ridiculous speeds, annoying others.

As this is being written the sound of trials bikes can be heard at ten minute intervals along Pollard Lane. They are a danger to children playing, pedestrians, parked vehicles and other road users. No consideration, no helmets, no tax, no MOT, no insurance, no registration numbers. They pollute the air as well as the ears and are as much an assault on the senses as the fly tippers who, mentioned elsewhere dumping their rubbish, have no respect for their neighbours too. Bob Watson’s solution (T&A, June 8) is persuasive -“lock ‘em up, crush their vehicles” before someone is killed.

AWaterhouse, Barmby Road, Bradford