SIR - Throughout its history, humankind has been notable for its intelligence, resilience and ingenuity. That is what has put the 'fittest' into our survival. This is, despite our species also showing a parallel propensity for self-inflicted damage and even stupidity at times eg wars, pollution, racism, over-use of antibiotics.

Now, with the 'writing on the wall' with regard to man-made climate change, humans are at a crossroads. Can we show the ingenuity to make the changes necessary in developing new products, techniques, processes and systems that can ensure human survival on our planet in the future?

Obviously, there are things that have to change and not in a small way. Some changes which are going to have to be made are likely to be difficult, inconvenient and even highly unpopular. But, when faced with a future where life could be made close to intolerable with even the threat of near-extinction itself, the 'intelligent' side of humanity will surely win through...won't it?

David Hornsby, West View Avenue, Wrose