SIR - Colin Durkin says of the EU: “There wasn’t a problem with the status quo…”

Does he think that Greek, Spanish and Italian workers believe that when they have seen unemployment rocket to 20per cent, 17per cent and 11per cent (youth unemployment over 40per cent, 35per cent and 33per cent respectively)? Perhaps he thinks French workers don’t object to having a President who seeks to make them work longer than the average 35-hour week they fought for and won decades ago.

The EU is a block that delivers for the rich and powerful at the expense of ordinary people; those who are being made to pay for the financial crisis of 2008 which was not of their making while the rich get richer and major companies avoid paying tax. Other countries around the world will always want what we produce and be glad to conduct free trade with us in mutually beneficial terms.

Far from being “drip fed the truth” about leaving we are being fed as many untruths as Boris’ bus fed us.

Steve Arloff, Blackberry Way, Clayton