SIR - There have been celebrations in Saltaire and the BBC is broadcasting many things about the Suffragette centenary and the Dagenham strike half century. We've got the Women's Equality Party and had the Women against Trump protest in Shipley.

My question is why? What is feminism for now?

It's hard to see in what way women are so much worse off than men. The lack of women in certain jobs is mainly caused by choice. The pay issue is debatable and there are many issues that affect men more:

The number of fatalities in work accidents and in war, violence, suicide, homelessness, the retiring age, life expectancy and cancer funding. And now, because of campaigns like #Me Too, more declining attitudes and demonisation.

During the Suffragette movement in the Great War, thousands of young men were sent to the trenches without a vote or a right to veto.

And for most of history up to then, neither men or women had the vote, it was class based. Electoral reform has happened throughout British history, the relatively short time when women didn't have the vote and men did has been blown out of all proportion.

The feminist movement is flawed ideology that propagates mistrust and has no place in the 21st Century.

Alan Bates, Bowland Avenue, Baildon