SIR - Watching the news, dated June 11, we now cannot afford to look after the elderly in our society. A 93-year-old lady is concerned about her welfare in later years. So am I!

And, following on from Britain’s £67 million contribution to Rwanda a response from Mr Hornsby, quite clearly supporting our foreign aid budget, suggests we ‘extracted’ £600 trillion from India during our colonisation. Wow. A huge figure.

Quick research suggests we owe India, empirically, a sum of £1.76 trillion. No agreement on the sums owed would ever be reached. Suffice to say our contribution of 0.7pedr cent of GDP, currently around £13 billion, will increase as the GDP of the country increases.

It's madness when so many people in this country are without basic needs, no health care, over worked public services, rising crime due to lack of police resources. Who can justify a £13 billion overseas aid budget when we cannot look after our own?

I am all for supporting countries with humanitarian aid issues, but letting our elderly die due to lack of funding? Maybe we should euthanise our elderly to support despots in the global south.

D Hodgson, Falcon Road, Bingley