SIR - I read again (T&A 11 June 2018) that there are still plans to demolish the Branch Hotel at the junction of Otley Road and Bradford Road in Shipley for a proposed £42 million road improvement scheme. This proposal has been ongoing for over 25 years; budget costs of course will have risen in that time.

What good will it do to demolish the Branch and build a slip road from Bradford Road into Otley Road, other than increase traffic flow to the Otley Road/Canal Road (A6037) junction?

Are there any plans to widen Otley Road and widen the bridge over the railway on the A6037; are the draft proposals be visible on line?

As there have been no road improvements between the Bingley Relief Road and Shipley there are still many vehicles, including articulated lorries taking that route at all times and the traffic build up at the Otley Road/Canal Road junction would surely be worse; Saltaire is still a major traffic flow problem both ways.

Why not prohibit HGV's turning left down Otley Road at the Branch and send them on Bradford Road via the city centre centre towards the major roads out of town?

D Ratcliffe, Redburn Road, Shipley