SIR - What a good letter from Dr Christopher Butler, (T&A, June 8), regarding the excuses that private utilities make for their inefficiencies and shortcomings. It’s about time that the ‘private sector is always more efficient’ myth is debunked for good.

Isn’t the private sector way of having CEOs with astronomical salaries and shareholders to please a wealth extraction and inefficiency in itself?

Lately there have been numerous wake up calls across the board such as railway timetable fiascos, a railway franchise having to go back to public ownership and now we’re short of water due to illegal immigrants, what next? Maybe that nasty Jeremy Corbyn has been puncturing holes in water pipes under the cover of darkness, instructed under the orders of Vladimir Putin so that he can sell us Siberian water ice from Kamchatka.

George Hitchcock, Southlands, Baildon.