SIR - To save some of my fellow correspondents the trouble, in light of ever more information being released regarding the future of the UK outside the EU, I can now officially hold my hands up to being a ''Remoaner''.

What`s not to moan about?

Even the deluded, ideal driven Brexiteers at the forefront of the government`s shambolic negotiating team are now conceding that we will be worse off, whichever exit route we take.

The new mantra appears to be, ''well yes, we will probably be a little worse off, but we are a proud nation and we`ll survive''. Survive? Is that really what we have gone through all this devisive nonsense for - to ''survive''?

Brexit has completely taken over the governments limited ability to govern, putting more important issues such as the NHS and our national interests in general on a back burner, and all to pacify the Eurosceptic branch of the Tory party.

It now looks increasingly like our glorious leader will do anything that her dogmatic cabinet orders her to do, merely to hang on to her job.

Most of these self-serving leaches stand to profit financially from exiting the EU and have no interest whatsoever in our economic future as a stand-alone nation.

Colin Durkin, Moffat Close, Bradford