SIR - I don't have much interest in the honours list, too many receiving awards that don't deserve them. Mark Carney is a good example, receiving a CBE when he has to take responsibility for the recent chaos on the railways.

However there are exceptions and I do not begrudge former footballer and manager Kenny Dalglish receiving a knighthood.

He played 102 times for Scotland, was the embodiment of Celtic's football success, when he came to England he kept Liverpool at the forefront of English and European football.

Later he took an unfashionable team such as Blackburn rovers to its first title in 81 years.

The Heysel Stadium disaster of 1985 in which 39 people died and the Hillsborough disaster of 1989 in which 96 died, knocked the stuffing out of Dalglish.

But through it all he showed diplomacy and compassion, not for nothing was he called 'King Kenny'.

In his autobiography, Dalglish, on the very last page he states: 'They say that behind every successful man is a woman', but as far as he's concerned his wife Marina has never been behind him, she has been beside him, always.

Well put Sir Kenny!

John Appleyard, Firthcliffe Parade, Liversedge