SIR - With negativity from some quarters towards this country, in common with others in western Europe, giving foreign aid, it was interesting to read some historical background recently.

Most people know Britain at one time had a huge empire, the biggest in the world. And, the 'jewel in the crown,' to use a phrase of the time, was India. But many will be surprised and perhaps even shocked to learn that it is estimated that the UK extracted £600 trillion during its colonisation of that one country alone. The wealth Britain took from its colonies financed the industrial revolution and two world wars.

Yes, it's vitally important to make sure aid goes to help those who most need it. But doesn't Britain as well as France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Holland etc, have a duty to offer some help to what is now called, 'the global south,' particularly when taking into account our previous history? And, this case is surely strengthened by the fact that it is the global south which is set to suffer the worst effects of climate change, caused by the countries of the global north.

David Hornsby, West View Avenue, Wrose