SIR - Your letters page on May 8 was impressive for its argued points and freedom from personal attacks. Mr Scaife stated that there was more foreign investment into the UK than into all other EU states combined. As their combined GDP is about 6 times larger than Britain’s that would be a remarkable achievement.

However, all is not as it seems. Much of Mr Scaife’s claimed investment is foreign companies buying British ones. This is frequently compared to selling the family silver, and no-one has ever claimed that in this the buyer is investing in the family. It is not investment boosting Britain’s productive capacity. In the case of Kraft’s takeover of Cadbury quite the opposite because shortly afterwards Kraft closed a British factory and transferred production to Poland.

In another letter, Mr Suchi claimed that the result of the EU referendum was made binding by David Cameron. However, Cameron had no power to do this as parliament is always sovereign as Gina Miller subsequently proved in the Supreme Court. Also in the debate to hold the referendum MPs were assured the result would be only advisory.

Ron Harding, Gawthorpe Lane, Bingley