SIR - Mohammad Younis (T&A letters, May 15) is right to raise the issue of the Bradford Literature Festival. I, too, enjoyed many of the events last year. But I do wonder about Trades Descriptions. Should it not better be called "The Bradford Trendy-Leftist Muslim Festival"?

Last year literature got short shrift, with token national celebrities like Jeanette Winterson representing gay feminism as much as literature.

What I find very disappointing is that last year and this year I approached the organisers about Pennine Platform, a Bradford-based poetry magazine with international reach, and Bradford-based Graft Poetry, which publishes poets from both sides of the Atlantic, and I did not even get a reply.

My sense is that the organisers are not interested in anything locally-based, in literature as literature, or in anything that is not trendily political with an Islamic bias.

Nicholas Bielby, Frizinghall Road, Bradford