SIR - I am a big supporter of all things Bradford, including Bradford Literature Festival.

I have enjoyed many thought-provoking debates, world class films and amazing books through the forum of Bradford Literature Festival.

So it pains me to say that I will NOT be attending BLF2018 on principle of protest.

The organisers have taken the loyalty of Bradfordians for granted. If you are young British Muslim great, but if you are not tough luck! Where are the young Christian, Hindu, Sikh and non-faith voices and debate?

Where are world-class films of yesteryears? I am sorry but panelists like local MPs, the ex-deputy General Secretary of UN, an Indian politician and academics would bore people to death with their oft-repeated political theories of their background.

We want to see new faces, new talent and new ideas being debated. Yes, I love Muslim youth culture but please let others have a say as well - Christian, Hindu, Sikh and others. I record my protest with BLF for not inviting world-class Pakistani writers like Mohsin Hamid, Kamila Shamsie, Mohammad Hanif and Charles Amjad-Ali.

We don't want BLF to become an echo chamber of similar voices. We want a vibrant intelligent debate in and around Bradford Literature Festival.

Mohammad C Younis, Dovesdale Road, Bradford