SIR - Alec Suchi (T&A letters, May 8) claims that if the House of Lords "succeeds in preventing Brexit", (ie by having amendments accepted by the House of Commons and not just the Government), "a high price would be paid in terms of public trust in the integrity of the political process".

Why? This is exactly how the political process is supposed to work!

It might justly create a lack of trust in our minority Government!

I personally have little respect for our so-called "democratic system".

Here one party with the most votes out of the dozen or so that we have in the UK, tends to win a majority of seats because of all the votes which are "wasted", although this has been fortunately unwinding in recent general elections.

How long before politicians realise that our voting system is not fit for purpose in a multi-party system?

John Hall, Pennithorne Avenue, Baildon