SIR - I went to a concert recently and was searched. I found this incredibly invasive.

I absolutely support the need for security and for making sure things are safe.

However, where searches have been conducted before at arenas or such then you walk through an airport security type scanner or are ‘Wanded’.

Last night I was with everyone else and searched. Not just a quick ‘pat down’ which I still find hard. This was a down the arms, legs, back, torso and crotch and under my breasts.

I am someone who struggles with physical touch and becomes distressed, especially when touched by strangers.

I am not for one minute suggesting that searching should stop.

However, I believe there should be a national standard for searches making the use of ‘wands’ in security checks necessary.

I get that sometimes a wand may mean a body search if something is questionable, but for the vast majority of people it would not be required.

It is getting to the point now where when going to events I am anxious before and upset afterwards if I am going to be ‘hands on’ searched.

Lisa Jones, Bradford Road