SIR - Two pieces of environmental news-one shockingly bad, the other very good-emerged recently. First, it seems Freedom of Information requests revealed NHS England purchased - wait for it - over half a billion disposable cups over the last five years! One London trust, Guy's and St Thomas' purchased almost 30 million over that period, whilst Guy's procured 6, 258, 249 in one year alone! 174 NHS acute, mental and community trusts together purchased...609, 830, 335 cups! Greenpeace said the figures show, "just how out of control our relationship with single use plastic has become." Well, quite!

The good news is the world's most powerful wind turbine has been installed off the Aberdeenshire coast with three 80 metre long blades, which in a single rotation can generate enough electricity to power the average UK home for an entire day. The turbine is the first of eleven which will trial next generation technology. Apparently, President Trump tried to block it by a legal challenge as he claimed it would be visible from his multimillion pound golf development on the Scottish coast. The Scottish Government however, followed by the UK Supreme Court, upheld the plans! Result!

David Hornsby, West View Avenue, Wrose