SIR - Anyone who cares to read into Donald Trump’s formative years will find him described in epithets such as  “fortunate to have inherited wealth”, “it’s my way or the highway”, and “ruthless in pursuit of what he wants”. There are others by his foes, too.

That said, some of his predecessors themselves exhibited Mr Trump’s characteristics but perhaps not in such abundance. Is it the nature of American politics that brings candidates of dubious suitability to the top of the pile, totally unqualified for a life of leadership and diplomacy, who have to deal with world situations, the results of years of history, tradition and conflict, yet who know little or nothing about the world outside the USA?

So, for example, rather than stabilise parts of the world in conflict, Mr Trump “tweets” into the Middle East with characteristic size 12 bravado, without any other interstate consultation and pontificates about Jerusalem, leaving that area and the world a less safe place than before his arrival. STOP IT, Mr Trump! You’re dangerous!

A Waterhouse, Barmby Road, Bradford