WHILE we have no doubt there are many hard working and well intentioned people working in Bradford Children’s Services, sometimes good intentions just aren’t enough.

The service has been operating on a knife-edge for too long.

There have been too many changes at the top, too many experienced workers have left and too many agency staff have been given the unenviable job of trying to hold things together.

The agency, too, is reeling from the Star Hobson tragedy.

Five referrals were made to social services by concerned family and friends in the months leading up to Star’s death - but staff failed to recognise the appalling abuse the toddler was suffering.

A Local Child Safeguarding Practice Review into Star’s murder is still pending so it would be wrong to discuss the perceived shortfalls here.

But even before that terrible case it was becoming abundantly clear that something had to change.

Now after too many reviews, reports, management changes and promises to get better, Bradford Council has run out of time (and excuses).

So responsibility for child services will be handed to a trust, owned by the Council but operated at arms-length by a new independent Chair and Board of Directors.

We hope this reset allows the service time to get back on its feet - a similar arrangement worked miracles in Sunderland - but we cannot afford a moment’s delay.

Bradford’s children deserve better.