BRADFORD has had enough of dangerous drivers. The price we pay in accidents and misery is too high.

In December, hopes were raised that the Government was preparing to toughen up the punishment for dangerous driving when the Ministry of Justice began a consultation on laws relating to the offences of causing death or serious injury.


But the General Election derailed the consultation. Depressingly, there was no mention of dangerous driving in the Queen’s Speech last week.

Thank goodness West Yorkshire Police have taken the initiative by launching Operation Steerside to catch the district’s motoring menaces.

This month they reached a dubious milestone when the 10,000th illegal driver was stopped for speeding.

Incredibly, days earlier two drivers were clocked at 115mph on a road with a 40mph speed limit. Imagine what would have happened if one, or both, had lost control or someone tried to cross the road. They would not have stood a chance.

Reaching 10,000 offences is no cause for celebration. There are plenty more danger drivers still out there and still putting lives at risk by treating roads like racetracks.


As sergeant Cameron Buchan, the officer leading the crackdown, told us Operation Steerside isn’t a numbers game.

We applaud West Yorkshire Police for taking this matter seriously and urge the Government to do the same.

How many more lives need to be ruined before ministers get a grip?