EVERY terrorist attack is an outrage against decency but targeting young children is a particularly heinous act. It seems unimaginable that someone would use a pop concert to kill and injure so many people but that’s exactly what happened on Monday evening.

We extend our heartfelt sympathies to everyone touched by this atrocity.

But if the aim of Monday’s attack was to shake our resolve in the face of terrorism then it will surely fail.

The British people are at their best when they face a common foe. Barbarism like this will only bring our communities closer together.

As they did 20 years ago after the IRA truck bombing, people were out on the streets of Manchester yesterday going about their ordinary business.

This attack was an act of extremism. It did not represent any particular community and it will not divide us.

What better response could there be to such an obscenity than a multi-faith service to remember victims of the attack, such as the one held at Bradford Cathedral last night?

A united response is the greatest act of defiance we can show the terrorists.

No doubt this will not be the last terror on these shores and we have to be prepared for more in the future.

For their part the UK’s security services will redouble their efforts to prevent more attacks and to disrupt terrorist networks.

But the greatest defence we have is to stand together against people who would do us harm. Terror must not be allowed to win.