THE prison sentence handed out to a banned driver and thug who threw a punch at Bradford Council warden in a fit of anger after receiving a parking ticket should be applauded.

All too often these wardens receive torrents of abuse merely for carrying out the job they are paid to do - which is to uphold the law - and that is wholly unacceptable in the eyes of any right-thinking person.

Mohammed Shoaib, 23, obviously had no respect for the law when he illegally parked the car in North Parade, Bradford, that he had illegally driven to North Parade.

Bradford Crown Court also heard he had absolutely no respect for the warden whom he aggressively confronted, ripping the ticket up in front of him before trying to punch him, then driving off at speed when he narrowly missed hitting a police officer on horseback and a pedestrian.

Today, Shoaib is justly behind bars with Judge Colin Burn, who sentenced him, and the Council warning that anyone else who abuses or attacks wardens will also be prosecuted.

Last month a decision by the same judge to impose a suspended sentence on a banned driver who had to be pursued by police after failing to stop after he was spotted on a phone behind the wheel drew widespread criticism from MPs and a road safety charity, and indeed in this column.

It is now only fair that today we praise Judge Burn for the stance he has taken over Shoaib and hope that the wider message is heard loud and clear that violence or abuse against wardens will never be tolerated.